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"I AM" Beautiful and...


is the book that will help shape the next generation and beyond.  If you know of any young lady who has struggled with self esteem, self confidence, worthiness and deserving, you have found the right book to help her regain her POWER!


The book "I AM" Beautiful and... was created by the mother daughter duo, Keiva Coreen and Sophia Ditchfield as a tool for young ladies to use on a consistent basis to learn how to love themselves as they are. 


This book teaches positive self talk, how to quiet the noise on the inside and on the outside when it comes, how to master self image, intensify the feeling of deserving and worthiness and it gives a clear, diverse representation of young ladies - of all races, ethnicities, shapes, abilities or what some may call disabilities - and the similarities of their struggles.  It brings unity through this diversity and makes space for self love and the united thread of others. 

“It was amazing because it talks about the “smarts” & the brain, the body.  I liked how you wrote it. I like the pictures on the cover, especially the colors and drawings. I learned that I have a lot to appreciate about my body and myself.”
“I rate it a 1699 out of 600!” - 9 year old reader

“It helped me think about my true self, my character and who I really am.  I don’t have to compare myself to others because we have our own good qualities. Please write more books like this. - 12 year old reader

"Beautiful Bed Time Read." - Donna L. (Parent)

"I've picked up copies for each of my grandchildren.  It's a must read." - John P. (Grandfather)


"This book is beyond fabulous!" - Madison L. B. (Wellness Practitioner)

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