One of Sophia's sayings:  "Right now, Kapow!" - Sophia Ditchfield

Sophia is an incredibly smart, focused and creative person with a great eye for detail.  She is a fun loving, young lady, very active in sports, theater and writing.  She balances excellent grades, and being a leader in school with her extracurricular activities by carefully planning out her day and using free time to study when not decompressing.


Her innate ability to deeply connect with those younger than her has directed her to take an interest in bettering the world starting with our youth.

1 of Sophia's traits:  Self -driven

2 fun facts about Sophia:  Sophia loves theater and dance!

Sophia plans to contribute to mankind by:  Making people laugh.

Sophia Ditchfield

One of Keiva's sayings:  "Take care of yourself and each other" - Keiva Coreen

Keiva Coreen is the mother of two incredible children (Sophia Ditchfield and her incredible brother Ethan), wife of what she considers a "superman" and dear heart (Les), a lover and motivator of mankind!


Keiva is creative spirit with messages of unity, motivation and love in all of her creative avenues.  She is phenomenal singer, songwriter, playwright, motivational speaker and author.

1 of Keiva's traits:  Motivator

2 fun facts about Keiva:  Besides singing, Keiva loves to dance!  When Keiva was a little girl, she knew what she wanted to do when she grew up and only started doing more of it NOW!  Lesson:  It's never too early or too late to do what you love!

Keiva plans to contribute to mankind by:  Making a community where we discover our purpose and self worth. 

Keiva Coreen
Conscious creator and motivator!


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